Preserving Assam's Fundamental Rights: A Call to Action

Preserving Assam’s Fundamental Rights: A Call to Action

In comparison to other states in India, the role of the Assam Police Reserve Force (APRF) is unparalleled. In many states, the duties of the reserve force are clearly defined. However, the number of personnel in the Assam Police Reserve Force is significantly low. The infrastructure is also lacking, with many police stations in need of repair. Although efforts are being made to recruit new personnel, the process is slow due to various factors.

In the heart of Assam, amidst the verdant landscapes and bustling towns, lies a group of unsung heroes whose dedication and sacrifice often go unnoticed. The Assam Police Reserve Force (APRF), comprising brave men and women, stands as a bulwark against threats to public safety and order. Yet, behind their steadfast commitment lies a tale of challenges and unmet needs, raising questions about the protection of their fundamental rights and well-being.

Normally, the reserve force, including constables, ministers, and governors, is involved in golf during their leisure time. The duty of the reserve force as police officers begins at 4 in the morning. This letter reflects the thoughts of the police personnel stationed at traffic points on hot days. Despite being on duty, there is often no drinking water available. The water in the flasks becomes warm, making it difficult to drink. Additionally, there are inconveniences in accessing water for washing or to cool off.

Traffic police officers have no access to rice, tea, or cold water, which affects their well-being. However, in the event of an accident, who is responsible? The Assam Police Reserve Force faces several challenges, including border issues, law enforcement, security guards, personal security officers, violations of public privacy, procession management, vehicle checks, and eviction campaigns.

When the duties assigned to the Assam Police Reserve Force are completed, the situation is different. There is no solution; because the number of members in the Assam Police Reserve Force is insufficient, the facilities provided to them are also inadequate. Housing and drinking water are not adequate. Efforts are being made by the state government to address some of the deficiencies and complaints in the Assam Police Reserve Force, which is a good sign for the country.

During festivals and celebrations, police personnel often have to make do with basic amenities. Many police officers in Assam have been seen engaging in misconduct. Many use derogatory language such as ‘you,’ ‘that police,’ or ‘you police,’ and many police officers exhibit inappropriate behavior. Many police officers are seen driving recklessly or riding motorcycles. In this regard, a request to the police personnel – ‘Maintain good relations with the public and do not engage in misconduct that jeopardizes your safety or your job.

Many people in the Assam Police Reserve Force are educated and work diligently. They have their own families. Respect for their work is important. Nowadays, everyone needs personal security officers. For the safety of personal security officers, some policies and guidelines have been established by the government. Therefore, it is important to study and follow them.’

The state government has issued new directives and handed over some issues to the committee for discussion by the police and other officials. In conclusion, let me say that the fundamental rights of the Assam Police Reserve Force must not be violated. Because they are citizens of a democratic country, India, which gained independence in 1947.

It is imperative that the rights and dignity of the Assam Police Reserve Force are upheld at all times. These brave individuals serve to maintain law and order, often putting their lives at risk for the safety and security of the people. As citizens of India, they are entitled to the same rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

The government and authorities must ensure that any directives or decisions regarding the Assam Police Reserve Force are made in accordance with the law and with full respect for their rights. Any violations or abuses must be promptly addressed and remedied to uphold the principles of democracy and justice.

The Assam Police Reserve Force plays a crucial role in maintaining peace and order in the state. Their contributions and sacrifices should be acknowledged and respected. As citizens of India, they deserve to be treated with dignity, fairness, and respect for their rights.

it is imperative that the fundamental rights and well-being of the Assam Police Reserve Force are safeguarded. As citizens of a democratic nation, the personnel of the APRF play a crucial role in maintaining law and order.

Their dedication and sacrifices should indeed be respected and recognized. Efforts must be made to address the challenges they face, including inadequate facilities and infrastructure. By ensuring their welfare and providing them with the necessary support, we can empower them to serve the community effectively and uphold the values of democracy and justice.

The Assam Police Reserve Force plays a vital role in maintaining law and order in the state, often working in challenging and dangerous conditions. It is essential that their needs are met and that they are equipped to perform their duties effectively.

Improving facilities and infrastructure for the Assam Police Reserve Force will not only enhance their ability to maintain peace and security but also demonstrate the government’s commitment to supporting those who serve and protect the community.

Furthermore, recognizing the sacrifices and efforts of the Assam Police Reserve Force can boost morale and inspire others to contribute positively to society. Their dedication to duty deserves our utmost respect and appreciation.