Journey of Transformation: From Graduation to New Beginnings

In the presence of the Almighty That day, I became a graduate; thus began a new chapter in my life. Every day brings newness into life. But that day, the newness brought into my life didn’t bring peace. It created turmoil instead. Life’s balance seemed to tilt. I was happy. Happiness is hard to describe; receiving congratulations from many classmates, collecting certificates from the university, and already receiving job offers from multinational companies added to my joy.

With great enthusiasm and a sense of formality, I went to the university to collect my Bachelor’s degree certificate. Behind me, life seemed to be moving in a different direction. My mentor, Bijoy Kumar Sarma, guided me. Born in South India, he has now chosen to work in educational institutions located in the border areas of Odisha and Andhra Pradesh. Considering teaching as a profession, I have now received an offer letter from an educational institution. My life’s path seemed to be turning towards a different direction.

Faced with uncertainties, I disconnected the phone and decided to go to Vishakhapatnam this time. A rickety blackboard with scribbles in Hindi or English, unclear to the face in front of it, made me rethink my decision. I tried hard, but the counter for Vishakhapatnam was not visible. Disheartened, I turned towards the counter for information. Vishakhapatnam is a small town in the Koraput district of Odisha. The thought of going there or staying there created a dilemma in my mind.

The second reason, though humorous, was crucial for me. To participate in the project organized by the educational initiative, I had to maintain a certain appearance, which I had read about. All my friends and family were there. At least there was no loneliness. Nevertheless, the thought of going to an unknown town like Akalashariya, which is now a small town in the border area, was beyond my imagination. A few days ago, I was engrossed in studying at the table, while my mother was worried about my future in Raigarh for the upcoming academic session. However, the fixed date forced me to step out of my comfort zone and travel to Guwahati for the train.

I reached the destination station from Guwahati, Vishakhapatnam, after a 10-hour journey by train. I greeted the Almighty and boarded the train to go to Jeypore. ‘Jeypore is five miles away,’ the clock chimed, it was 3:45. Taking my luggage, I headed towards the exit to catch a taxi. The taxi driver offered to take me to my destination. I sat in the back seat of the driver’s cabin, feeling overwhelmed. His words were reassuring. Various conversations inspired me. Even though I wanted to sleep peacefully, I was restless. ‘Get down at Jeypore Junction,’ the locals advised me.

I got down without any hesitation, asking for the ticket. ‘Yes sir, two tickets, please.’ After receiving the tickets, I boarded the train. My fellow passenger, a Punjabi man, had occupied the opposite seat. With a beautiful face, he handed me a chocolate. I bid farewell to the Punjabi man with a smile. For the night, I decided to stay at the hotel. I had difficulty finding a mobile signal. I called the educational institution to inform them that I had reached Vizag. I decided to stay in Visakhapatnam for 15 days.

There was no one in college. If you come, you will need to stay in a hotel for 15 days. Do your work. Let’s go to Vishakhapatnam. The hotel manager told me to call him if I needed anything. I left the rickshaw and went inside the hotel. The Punjabi man, who was in the room next to mine, had already checked in to help me with my luggage. He had a lot of luggage in his hands. He helped me to unload it. Despite my initial reluctance, I was encouraged by his words. How much peace I felt! He told me about various things that inspired me.

How peaceful I felt! ‘Yes sir, Jeypore is five miles away.’ I headed towards the clock, it was 3:45. He picked up the box and handed it to me. I reached the hotel and asked the manager how much it would cost. I asked for less. The rickshaw driver said goodbye. I sat down in my room and saw the Punjabi man standing at the door with my bag. How much did he pay the manager? I looked at him with surprise, I had not seen him before. I sat down, not knowing what to do.